Gender equality

Australia has recognised marriage as between two people. At last happiness is there for everyone, we are all equal as adults no matter who our love is between. If you want to get married and have been waiting for this time to come around, you don’t need to wait any longer! It is still a … Continue reading “Gender equality”

Eloping is easy

If you are considering a quiet secret marriage ceremony, then eloping might be for you. It is as simple as contacting me as your celebrant and I will take you through the legal requirements, maintaining your confidentiality throughout the whole process. Even though in eloping you are not having a lot of people present, the … Continue reading “Eloping is easy”

Who can be a witness?

Choosing witnesses for your marriage is an important part of planning your wedding ceremony. You must have two witnesses for your ceremony and both must be over the age of 18years. They may be anyone: friends, parents, grandparents or whoever you like. If you are having a secret wedding, you still need to have two … Continue reading “Who can be a witness?”

Step 2 of legal documentation

Once¬†you have completed the NOIM you are on the way with the legal process –¬†Congratulations! The next legal document you have to sign is a declaration that you are legally able to be married. This is called Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage. This document is to be signed in front of your celebrant … Continue reading “Step 2 of legal documentation”