Whose day is it?

When planning for your wedding day, family and friends will be quick to tell you what you ‘must’ do or have. They are well meaning in their advice, but it may not be what you want for your very special day. Don’t lose sight of whose day it is. Thank everyone for their ideas, then … Continue reading “Whose day is it?”

Changing your name

If you decide to change your name after you are married you will need to send away for the registered marriage certificate. This is as simple as applying through Births Deaths and Marriages in the state that you were married in. It may take several weeks to come back, but in the meantime, you can … Continue reading “Changing your name”

The final legal step

Your day is here!  Very exciting as you prepare to make your promises to each other and complete the final legal step in getting married. There are some things that must be said during your ceremony and your celebrant will ensure they are not missed! But there is also the signing of the legal documents. … Continue reading “The final legal step”